Installing SharePoint 2010 Beta

Title: Installing SharePoint 2010 Beta

Preface: I failed trying to install SharePoint 2010 Beta more than 8 times and finally I was able to do it today. Here is what I did so far and finally what worked out. Installing it on a Windows 7 or Vista OS targetting developer user is no brainer. Simply follow this link and I was able to do it first time. However, my motto is to install it on a Virtual Machine ( VMWare ). So, I started with VMWare 7.0 with 4 core, 4GB RAM, 60GB HDD etc to begin with. I tried to install on both Windows Server 2008 Ent x64 and Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 versions. And when ever I tried to install with pre requisite setup etc, never been successful. Below are few errors I faced ( not all included ).

#1 Application Server Role: Web Server (IIS) Role: configuration error
#2 pending restart of the computer.

References: Though I was unsuccesful installing it, these are great resources to follow and give ultimate information.
Sahil Malik's Blog
Jie Li's Blog
Code Project
Patrick's Blog

Finally: I went back to basics... ( my VM settings are same as mentioned above, no changes )
Step #1 Installed Windows 2008 Server 'Standard' Edition and ran the windows updates ( including SP2 ).
Step #2 Installed KB971831
Step #3 Ran the pre-req tool ( ran successful )
Step #4 Installed SPS 2010 > Chose Server Farm and chose StandAlone ( this would install SQL express 2008 )
Step #5 Installed Office Professional 2010
Step #6 Installed SharePoint Designer 2010
Step #7 Installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta
Step #8 Installed SQL Server Management Studio 2008
Step #9 Ran the Windows Update once again
Step #10 Take a snapshot



Unknown said…
I'd like to try the beta as well. The cloud-hosted version of SharePoint is supposed to offer the latest version of SharePoint in the cloud, so maybe that will also be soon available to businesses in the Microsoft Online Services environment.