Client API Class Library in SharePoint 2010

Title: SharePoint 2010 Client API
It's not been 1 day before SharePoint SDK Documentation is released on MSDN and already its so compelling to using 2010. Here is some thing very intresting and I am waiting to write code on.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 has a all new class library 'The Client API'. Voila!!! what does that mean... now you can write even better managed client object model for Silverlight and .net in SharePoint 2010. Isnt it cool???

So, here are the available namespaces and class library references:

Microsoft.SharePoint.Client - Core namespace that provides types and members for working with SharePoint Foundation Web sites, list data, and security within a site collection.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Application - Provides types and members that are used for authentication.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Utilities - Provides utility types and members for managing users as principals.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.WebParts - Provides types and members for managing Web Parts within Web Part pages.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Workflow - Provides types and members for managing workflow templates and workflow associations.

Reference : MSDN