Friday, July 3, 2009

Stsadm command for Switching Authentication Mode - Access Denied Issue

Last week we used the below command and encountered an issue that the conversion was unsuccessful. However, on CA it was showing that it converted correctly.

STSADM -o authentication -url -type forms -membershipprovider -roleManager

Now, when we access the site it was giving AccessDenied error.

After our analysis, we figured out that the Database was not correctly updated with the job.

So we did 2 steps:

#1: From CA, we changed the authentication mode to Windows - Successful. We changed again to Forms - Failed.
#2: Now we are our fav command : ststadm -o execadmsvcjobs

Success. Now the mode is correctly changed as the job status is complete.


Sandeep K Nahta said...

You have undeclared variables in the STSADM command

Srini Sistla said...

I have taken care of that now; thanks for brining it to my notice :)