Monday, July 6, 2009

SharePoint Site Columns – an Introduction

Scenario: We would like to ‘re-use’ functionalities as much as we can every where. So why not a column that can be reused in every list or on a list i want in specific?

Introduction: Site Columns are ‘meta-data fields’ that you can create and then use them any where you want under any list.

How To: You can create a site column by accessing the page under Site Settings > Site Columns or from the page ‘_layouts/mngfield.aspx’.

Now, you can create the Column and choose type that are available under the New Site Column creation wizard. Also, you can specify to add it under a specific group or create a new group on the fly.

Once you create the column, it is now accessible from any list when you select the option ‘Add from existing site columns’ option.

Interesting: Ok! the beauty of this is… when you update the Site Column values, the column values on your inherited list are automatically updated (default is ‘Auto Yes’). Well, when you delete the Site Column… the inherited list will not lose any data nor the column by itself.

You see what’s happening? Guess why? :-)

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