Monday, July 13, 2009

SharePoint 2010 – Preliminary System Requirements - Getting Ready

Gear up for the SharePoint 2010 now. You might want to check the following and take advantage of the forth coming SharePoint 2010 Services.


    • Plan for 32bit to 64bit upgrade. SP 2010 has 64bit flavor only.
    • SP 2010 needs SQL 2K8 or SQL 2K5 running on 64 bit. Which means, you might want to considering upgrading your SQL box too.
    • SP 2010 will need Windows 2008 Server or above to run.
    • Make sure your development environment is also upgraded to 64bit.

Service Packs:

    • If you are planning to upgrade from MOSS 2007 or WSS 3.0, first deploy your existing environment with SP2 and then upgrade to SP 2010.
    • Run the Upgrade Checker Tool that’s included in SP2 which might bring upfront notice of possible issues during or upon upgrade.


    • Consider migrating to Visual Studio 2010 (pretty good migration and new tools available)
    • Watch for deprecated API’s
    • New deployment and packaging available with VS 2010 coming along.
    • Learn LINQ, entity models and Silverlight since these are supported in SP 2010.

Browser Compatibility:

    • IE > 6.0 is a mandate, which means you cannot use IE 6.0.
    • Fire Fox 3.x is supported.
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