Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scheduling a SharePoint Backup

Scenario: Unfortunately as in the previous version, MOSS 2007 also doesn't have a tool for scheduling backups.

Solution: Command-Line backup tools – The stsadm.exe enables sharepoint admins to backup site collections using the command line and makes it easier to restore site collection (or a site).

stsadm –o backup –url <url> –filename <filename> [-override]

for example:

stsadm –o backup –url http://myserver/sites/ –filename c:\mybackups\

Catastrophic backup: The stsadm utility now lets you do a full SP backup as you would with a CA Page.

To issue a full or differential backup use the format

stsadm –o backup –directory <unc path> –backupmethod <full | differential> [-item<created path from tree>] [-%<int between 1 and 100>] [-backupthreads<int between 1 and 10>] [-showtree] [-quite]

for example: (to back up entire SP Farm)

stsadm –o backup – directly \\backups\sharepoint –backupmethod full 

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