Friday, May 8, 2009

How to configure incoming email settings for document libraries

Scenario: Users send emails to a specific email id with attachements and need to save them in SharePoint list (document library)

One Line Answer: OOTB Feature Configuration
> applies to only document library
> doesnt work on FBA


Open CA
1. Go to Operations > Topology and Services
2. Click on Incoming e-mail settings (4th link)
3. Set Enable sites on this server to receive e-mail? - Yes
4. Settings mode:
5. Directory Management Service - No
6. Incoming E-Mail Server Display Address -
7. E-Mail Drop Folder -
8. Click OK

Open WebSite
1. Go to any document list
2. Click on Settings > Document Library Settings
3. Communications > Incoming e-mail settigns
4. Configure the settings what ever you need.
5. Click OK

And then if any one sends emails to the specified email; you shall see them in the document library / save in the root directory specified.

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