Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sharepoint RightsGroup Element (View)

Links under ListViewWebPart such as 'Add new discussion' needs to be hidden some times based on specific rights.

When you see the ListViewWebPart under xslt mode or using SPD you will find out the CDATA content uder <ListViewXml></ListViewXml> tags.

In general, for the above mentioned example 'Add new discussion' resides under the rights group as below.

  <RightsGroup PermAddListItems="required"/>
  <HTML> To create a new item, click 'Add new discussion' below.

here instead of PermAddListItems which comes with Read Level permissions, i would like to make sure that Read level doesnt have access to 'Add new discussion'. So, i will change replace PermAddListItems="required" to PermManageLists="required".

Now, think of as many places as you can use this.

A complete list of RightsGroup is under this location.

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